Flosserpik tips

For perfect periodontal cleaning

Flosserpik jet tip Aufsatz

Jet tip

For cleaning between the teeth

  1. Slightly close lips to avoid splashing
  2. Point the water stream at a 90° angle to your gum line
  3. Slowly move the tip along the gum line
  4. When finished, turn off the unit by pressing the power button on the base and empty the water tank. Be sure to also turn off the vibration function by pressing the ON/OFF button on the handle
Flosserpik-Bürstenkopf in voller Größe mit ultraweichen Borsten

Full size brush tip

For UltraSoft tooth brushing

  1. Apply toothpaste to the brush head
  2. Insert the brush tip into the mouth
  3. Press the ON/OFF button and brush your teeth as you normally would. Don't forget to press the ON/OFF button after you've finished to turn off the vibration function
Flosserpik Zahnfleischmassage-Aufsatz

Gum massage tip

For a gentle and stimulating gum massage

  1. Push the ON/OFF button to turn on the vibration function
  2. Gently press the massaging nodes of the tip against gums
  3. Once finished, push the ON/OFF button to turn it off
This tip can be used with or without the water stream
Flosserpik subgingivaler Spitzenaufsatz

Subgingival tip

For deep cleaning of the gums

NOTE: this tip is not intended for general use and must only be used on a low pressure setting

  1. Place the soft tip against the tooth and gently slide the tip under the gum line and into the pocket
  2. Clean by gently following the gum line, inserting the tip between the teeth
  3. Repeat throughout the mouth
Flosserpik Zungenreiniger-Aufsatz

Tongue cleaning tip

For maintaining bacterial balance and cleaning the tongue

  1. Slightly close lips to avoid splashing
  2. Place the tip at the back of the tongue and slowly pull it towards the tip of the tongue
  3. Repeat until the whole tongue has been cleaned